Lewes Natural Mosquito Control

Choosing Clean Air for Georgetown, Milton or Lewes natural mosquito control isn’t just safer, it’s smarter. Pest are very resilient. If you apply traditional pest control chemicals on your property, you may be fighting a losing battle. Pests build a resistance to these chemicals after being exposed over and over. Those that survive the treatment pass along their resistance to their offspring and the chemicals will not work on the new pests. We are proud to offer safe, effective tick and mosquito control services. It’s better for you, your family and pets, and is also safe for the birds and bees.


Marietta, Roswell, Sandy Springs Mosquito ControlOur Natural Mosquito Control Works!

Our Lewes natural mosquito control treatments last for about four weeks per application. The solution gets rid of existing mosquitoes, larvae on standing water, and repels any new mosquitoes from entering the treated area. We want to help create the most comfortable and healthiest yard in the neighborhood.

We use a garlic-based solution. Garlic is toxic to mosquitoes in large concentrations and the odor of our natural mosquito control keeps them out of your lawn. This odor is not detectable by humans once it has been sprayed and a few minutes have gone by. But as mosquitoes can detect odors 10,000 times better than humans, they stay away for about a month and sometimes longer. In addition our natural mosquito control formula contains oils that plug any holes from which larvae use to breathe. This prevents new mosquitoes from hatching in your yard.

What About Other Pests?

Our all-natural products and application methods get rid of both ticks and mosquitos. In addition, our services repel many other pesky creatures, too. Did you know garlic, at certain concentrations is a natural slug repellant. Also, bunnies do not like the smell of garlic, so it keeps them away from your garden. In addition, cedarwood oil repels cockroaches, termites, beetles, fleas, silverfish, flies, moths and ants. Pests cannot build a resistance to our products as they are naturally repulsive to pests and affect them differently than chemical treatments.

If you are in the coastal Delaware area, and looking for more environmentally friendly applications that are safe for humans and pets while still being effective, contact us today for your free natural tick and mosquito control estimate.