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Dog's Drool For Organic Weed ControlWe’re the experts on keeping your lawn beautiful organically. Our Milford organic weed control program is one that has been developed over years. We’ve learned the secret to maintaining a healthy, weed-free lawn. We’ll let you in on the secret: The key to a lush, green and weed-free lawn is healthy grass. Yes, it’s that simple! You don’t need the toxic chemicals and unsafe weed killers the other lawn care companies are trying to sell you. The truth is, those treatments cause more harm than good to your lawn — and the pets, people and wildlife that use it.

Our Milford organic weed control approach is built on the fact that a healthy lawn will naturally have very few weeds. That’s because the vigorous grass effectively crowds out existing weeds, and grows so lush that new weed seeds are unable to find a foothold in the soil.

Clean Air Lawn Care’s Organic Weed Control Program

Our organic weed control program creates a lawn that is lush and takes up all the space so weeds have difficulty growing. This includes mowing at the correct height and frequency, vertical edging, using organic fertilizers and soil builders, and encouraging proper watering. Your lawn isn’t covered by a bubble and weed seeds can travel in many ways so weeds will occasionally pop up. We offer selective weed control products that are more environmentally friendly than most traditional herbicides. Additionally, we chose to spot spray the active weeds instead of carpet bombing your entire lawn to apply less. We’re not scared of hard work so we’ll even hand pull your weeds if that is your preference!

For weeds growing in beds, joints in driveways, and other places that aren’t your lawn, we use natural and OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed non-selective herbicides.

What is a selective weed killer? When a herbicide is “selective,” that means that it will only kill weeds, and not the grass around it. Non-selective herbicides kill most of whatever they come in contact with and are used in areas like flower beds, areas covered with mulch or pine straw, cracks in concrete, etc.

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How We Rid Of Weeds With Our Sustainable PracticesMilford organic weed control


Our organic lawn care system has been proven effective, ecologically sound, and safe for pets, children and wildlife. For over a decade, we’ve continually tweaked and improved our weed control approach to ensure that your lawn grows green, lush and weed-free. We’ve found that the following three-part approach yields the best results, and we’re confident that you’ll see an improvement in your lawn thanks to these tried-and-true organic weed control practices.

  1. Optimized mowing height and schedules. When it comes to perfecting an effective mowing approach, we follow the rule of “mow high, mow often.” Mowing high has been proven to set the stage for grass to grow lush, green and weed-free. Longer grass length directly contributes to better lawn and soil health. Our research shows that for a healthy lawn, you should never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade. Cutting too much of the grass blade causes stress to the plant, and allows for the conditions for weeds to grow. Clean Air Lawn Care recommends a once-a-week mow schedule that ensures the perfect amount of grass is being cut for optimal lawn health and minimal weed growth. We will also cut your grass at a height that we know will encourage a healthy, vigorous lawn. Want to learn more about why mowing high and mowing often leads to healthier grass? You can read more details about our mowing approach here.
  2. Vertical edging. Have you ever noticed weeds creeping in on the edges of your lawn? Or seen weeds on the edges of the lawns of neighbors who use other lawn care companies? Those weeds are a result of horizontal edging. Horizontal edging damages grass and exposes soil near sidewalks and driveways. And as we know, damaged grass and exposed soil create prime conditions for weeds. We know that the horizontal edging that other lawn care companies use is hard on the grass and creates the perfect conditions for weeds to grow. That’s why we run the edger vertically along sidewalks and driveways. When the grass is edged vertically, weeds don’t creep in from the perimeter.
  3. Organic fertilization treatment combined with weed control products when needed. Our customized Clean Air Liquid Fertilizer treatment is a big part of how we keep your lawn weed-free. We know that a healthy, lush lawn is a weed-free lawn. Because healthy grass requires healthy soil, we offer organic fertilizer and soil builder treatments that encourage the growth of vigorous grass. When a lawn is growing in healthy soil, the grass can easily outperform any weed. Any kind of synthetic weed control use is reduced as much as possible in all Clean Air Lawn Care lawns. Learn more about our organic lawn care products here.